Do You Keep Your Promises?

Promise, faith, hope – buds bubble with symbolism.  They raise emotions, tease senses and build excitement.  Plump and luscious buds heavy with waiting.  Tight green buds hugging their secret.  The next hellebore bud in line glistens with a ripe sheen.  The downy service berry is just starting to rupture from bud to bloom.  The carpets of ground hugging veronica and phlox are fattening with bluish and pinkish expectation.  Magnolias are late this year, and the buds are small; when and what blossoms will they bring?  Bulb flowers have such satisfying buds because they are fast moving, speedy – in a day they can go from envelopes of anticipation to frothy blooms, with just the help of warm sunshine.  Buds do keep their promises, unless the bunnies or soccer ball get them first!

Posted on May 10, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.