Rosebuds From The Ground

Sedums are favourite, multi-tasking perennials, and thus I have an abundance of them sprinkled throughout the garden.  This time of year when they are all bursting out of the ground, it is like the gift of rosebuds every day.  Sedum emerge from the ground with their juicy, unfurling foliage forming rosebuds in green, pink, burgundy, lime, grey-mauve.  How can such a simple plant offer such varying beauty!?  It can be easy to miss the rosebuds; a busy week that keeps you from a garden walkabout, and the rosebuds will have progressed to still pretty, but proper, sprouts.  If you have sedum in your garden, take a moment to enjoy the gift of rosebuds!



Posted on May 7, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Fave perennial, Staple perennial, Perennials.