Pockets Of Potential

I have a dear gardening Aunt that lives on Vancouver Island – a haven for gardeners!  When visiting her last summer, amongst the buffet she prepared was a gorgeous bowl of multi coloured tomatoes.  They were of course ripely delicious, resplendent in shades of green, ruby, golden, mahogany and even white.  I gushed compliments, and later in the mail received seed packets for each variety – yes, I am spoiled!   Much as I love the prospect of starting seeds indoors, I have not (yet) invested in the space, grow lights and shelving units.  But for this sampling of indoor growing adventure, I did pick up a tray and peat pellets to position in a sunny window.  The dry peat pellets were showered with water, and it was wonderfully satisfying to see them in moments swell to little earthy homes.  Then, I tucked the tiny tomato seeds ¼” into these earthy pockets of potential.  Now the anticipation of sprouts begins, and the promise of their bursting bounty for mid-August!  The varieties I planted included: black cherry, gardener's delight, yellow pear, green grape and snow white.



Posted on April 14, 2014 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration.