Soul Soothing

I stood this morning, chin down, and just soaked up the blissful spring sunshine on my back.  It was genuinely warming.  After this long winter, it was just so nurturing to have my soul soothed by the sun.  Yes my feet were on crusty ice and snow.  Yes I am worried about the late start with so many spring duties.  Yes I am saddened by broken branches, winter burn and root rot.  But I know that the garden has a miraculous ability to come alive, to bounce back, and to nourish our winter worn souls.  So bring it on!  There are wet, brown splotches all around me.  We need to wait for the great melt to soak in so our gardens are dry enough to work in, but all the work will get done, in good time.  Until then we have joyous blossoms for encouragement - thank you crocus!   

Posted on April 11, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.