Sheer Excitement

It is sheer excitement for me when spring is finally on the wind! Though I am itching with impatience - gardens in the city have already been bared by the warm sun, while we still have banks of snow. The sun has worked some magic to reduce our ample drifts into a lumpy snowy landscape. The birdbath above (about 2 ½’ high) is still snowbound, and the old pump is just emerging.  Big rocks, garden edges, corners of vignettes have started peeking through. The gargoyle that lives in a sunny corner has broken free. The incessant drips, trickles and rivulets of melt water dominate the outdoor symphony.  The magnolia buds get fatter and fatter against the crystal blue spring sky. No opportunity for blooms here yet, but I know that under that shrinking blanket, the crocus and snow drops are getting just as excited as me!

Posted on March 31, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.