A Drift Of Sunshine

If you are looking for a no-maintenance drift of sunshine, then sundrops are your ticket! Also called evening primrose, but sundrops perfectly describes the golden yellow, buttercup blossoms. The oncoming buds are red-tipped adding to the festive colour. I love this perennial for a poor soil, sunny spot where they have room to spread. Sundrops do not offer much spring or fall interest, but the tall variety does provide background foliage with soft green leaves. They are easy care, and can be rampant in their preferred siting of full sun with good drainage. The tall variety can also be found in pink and white versions. The low growing sundrop, which I more often call evening primrose, has larger, golden cups that bloom in the evening. All of the yellow blooms have that buttery buttercup sheen that glows in the sun.

Technical stuff – Sundrops/oenothera, hardy perennial to Zone 4, height and spread of 18”-24”, blooms late spring to summer, prefers full sun but tolerates part shade, prefers well-drained soil with poor fertility. Low growing variety (Ozark sundrops or macrocarpa) has height of 6”-9” and spread of 18”-24”.

Posted on March 20, 2014 and filed under Perennials.