Treasure should be defined by you – what stirs your emotion, what softens your face, what makes your garden feel intimate, cherished. It may be a rusted metal sprite, a concrete mushroom, a teapot spilling lobelia, or an angel amongst ruffled leaves. I favour the artisans that sculpt wondrous garden decoration from metal, wood, concrete, stones and more. Our town has a local art show in the park each summer where I can find stones fashioned into snails, mosaic birdbaths, eccentric birdhouses, and much fodder for garden ornamentation. And I turn to auctions for interesting objects, especially with my passion for rust, patinas and worn surfaces hinting at stories to tell. I have made cheerful finds at the dollar store or big box stores too – a gargoyle here, a Buddha there. I give preference to materials that can over-winter, to save the work of hauling them inside and that aged look is usually enhanced by winter exposure. If it gives you a smile, and a pause to savour the vignette, then it’s worth nestling into your garden.

Posted on March 2, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.