Different Paths

‘Paths’ is such a great word - loaded with symbolism, imagination, suggestion. I think every garden, big or small, should incorporate a garden path. In a small garden, it can be just a few stepping stones leading to a secret mini rock garden, or a wee gravel walkway that takes you to a sitting spot. In larger gardens, pathways invite you in, divide garden areas, and lead to the discovery of the garden. With imagination, paths can easily become a focal point. Materials for a path are almost endless: mulch, gravel, homemade concrete stepping stones, flagstone, paving stones, log slices, bricks, and of course a mix of materials extends the options. Path edgings can also be a creative expression – river rock, mossy logs, collected stones, even glass bottles with necks in the dirt. I love to use step-able plants to soften the walkway, including thyme, ground cover sedums, creeping veronica, or irish moss. Wooly thyme is my favourite, there is no cushier, softer carpet beneath bare toes. Where will your path take you?

Posted on February 24, 2014 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration.