I always keep my eye out for colourful shade bloomers, and bugleweed is well up to this definition! If you have a part shade, dampish spot that needs ground cover, with the delightful bonus of blue spring flowers, bugleweed is a wonderful option. Amongst the cultivars, glossy creeping foliage can range from purple-black, to deep green or burgundy, with pink, bronze or ruby highlights. My favourite varieties are ‘burgundy glow’, ‘giant’, ‘multicolour’ and the variegated ‘vanilla chip’. All varieties have little spires of blue-purple blooms in spring. Bugleweed will prosper in most conditions with good drainage. This perennial is actually a native European weed, and thus is can be an aggressive spreader, especially in its preferred moist soil, part shade conditions. However, I have spots of clay in my garden, and bugleweed can all but disappear over a season in this unfavoured soil. It serves well as an edge in a shade garden, or a patch of easy-care colour in a part shade rock garden.

Technical stuff – Bugleweed/ajuga, hardy perennial to zones 3, height of 4"-6”, spread of 18”+, full sun to shade preferring part shade, likes moist soil and good drainage (can be aggressive in happy conditions), blooms in spring.

Posted on February 21, 2014 and filed under Groundcover, Perennials.