Garden Staple

Some perennials are stars of the show, and others are team players that carry more than their share of the workload. Ground cover sedums are a team player, and a staple in my garden. They prefer full sun and good drainage, but will survive in just about any soil or part sun. They are a no-maintenance plant that performs year after year. A super easy approach to a dry, sunny patch of garden is a collection of rugged rocks with a collection of ground cover sedum – instant attractive rock garden. I have many favourite varieties: dragon’s blood, tricolor, vera jameson, angelina, voo doo, acre, cherry tart...the list is long and I discover new varieties each year. This is a collection perennial in my garden, and I love to mix & match the different varieties. Most bloom in spring or summer, and spread at a moderate rate. Angelina can be aggressive (though I am always happy to have extras pop up here and there!), but makes up for it with vivid lime spring and summer colour that fades to orange auburn in the fall. Several varieties, like vera jameson or dragon’s blood, offer maroon or purple, and kamtschaticum is bright green with sunny yellow blooms. Acre has detailed leaves with burgundy stems and golden blossoms. You can see why they are easy to collect!

Technical stuff – Sedum, hardy perennial, ground cover varieties are 2” to 6”, with most at 4” in height, spread of 12” to 18”/24” or indefinitely, prefer full sun and good drainage, most bloom spring/summer.

Posted on February 18, 2014 and filed under Groundcover, Perennials, Staple perennial.