Dose Of Spring

Trudging along in my winter mukluks at the grocery store, I round the corner to an array of spring bulbs in bright pots with crinkly pastel plastic. I melt at the vision of knotted hyacinth buds, soft green shoots of crocus, and nodding tulip buds. These fantastic bundles promise colour and scent – not just fragrance, but also that fresh, green smell of spring. I even inhale the rich, earthy scent of the moist soil. Little pots of anticipation and cheer to help get us through February! And when they finish blooming, I keep the greenery lightly watered until April/May, when you can tuck them as-is into the garden (I take the whole ‘pot clump’ and plant it). I am reminded that my hundreds of spring bulbs are lying in wait beneath the thick white blanket. Last year’s spring photos above are another reminder that 2014 blooms are on their way!

Posted on February 11, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.