Royal purple and golden yellow, ruby red and indigo, white on white with fresh green…so many delicious possibilities! Colour combos are one aspect of designing a garden and can create big impact. If you like playing with paint chips or fabric swatches, then you will love playing with plant combos. You can plan for excitement like the acid green and hot pink below, or the colour wheel appropriateness of yellow and mauve. I often mix different bloom colours of the same perennial, as with the white and tangerine cone flowers pictured above. Colour builds the mood and tone of the garden - hot colours like vivid red, orange and yellow add spice and energy to the garden, while cool colours like soft pink and mauve add calm. Favourite colours always play a role too! How does your garden grow – riotous colour, serenity in green, or a balance of both? Colour combos can strike awe in the garden and it is worth experimenting.

Posted on February 5, 2014 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration.