Work Horses

Some perennials require little care, thriving in most soils and varying light/water conditions (so perfect siting is not needed), and are susceptible to few pests.  These delightful plants reward with greenery and blooms – these are the work horses of the garden, and daylilies top the list.  Soft blades of green, hinting blue with the sheen of morning dew, form dense clumps that spurn weeds.  And such decadent blooms in sumptuous colours and forms!   Choose from a vast menu of palest yellow to chocolate brown, delectable rosy apricots, grape purples, ruby reds or rich golden and more.  Many varieties have contrasting throats, and can be trumpet shaped, starry, or frilled.  I have not counted how many varieties of daylilies are in my garden.  Come July, when most of them are blooming, it reminds me of a fancy ball with daylilies all dancing in assorted elegant gowns.  The proper name hemerocallis comes from the Greek ‘hemera’ meaning day, and ‘kallus’ meaning beauty – as the blooms last only one day, but ample buds means they keep on rewarding!

Technical stuff – hardy perennial, bloom time can vary by variety with some blooming May to September, full sun to full shade (more sun equals more blooms), prefer moist, well drained, fertile soil but adapt to most conditions, size greatly varies with variety 12”to 48” for height and spread.  Lily beetle doesn’t bother with daylilies, but mows down on oriental and asiatic lilies.

Posted on January 29, 2014 and filed under Perennials, Staple perennial, Fave perennial.