Perfect Garden

A perfect garden – precisely manicured and controlled – can make me sad.  I am sad that new or ‘wanna-be’ gardeners may be intimidated, and avoid gardening thinking this perfection is unattainable.  I am sad to see nature constrained, and yearn for freedom for the plants.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate cared for gardens, and the absolute best is a garden that is loved and enjoyed.  And if I knew that a manicured garden was an exercise in peace and contentment for its owner, then I don’t feel as sad.  Your garden should be your craving, whether that is rows of rustling grasses with a focus on soothing greens and browns, or easy to care for shrubs with multi season interest, a veggie garden with your favourite fresh flavours, or a wild abundance of bloom and green foliage.  Gardens are not perfect.  They are evolving, adapting, growing, living entities, an extension of your living space, and should be a reflection of your style.  Don’t ever feel you have to aspire to perfection – the perfect garden is what you want and need it to be.



Posted on January 22, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Guidance.