How's The View?

This is the time of year to gaze out your windows and decide if you like the view.  Are you looking at a rectangle of white?  How could you play with your view?... especially with windows that are in regular view.  Trees and shrubs add the graceful arch of branches, texture and colour of bark, or the bonus of berries for decoration and natural bird food.  Thinking of birds, a feeder is such a simple way to add lively entertainment to your outdoor space!  Hard structures such as a bench, obelisk, arbour, bridge, oversized planter or bird bath, all add visual interest to give the snow a subject matter for sculpting its powdery white.  Soil can also be used to add shape, with raised beds or a berm.  And you can never go wrong with chunks of stone.  There are many, many ways to add shape and structure.  What do you see out your windows? 


Posted on January 14, 2014 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration.