Lovely Lupines

A rainbow mix of puffy spires brings old fashioned majesty to the cottage garden.  Row upon offset row of pea sized puffs rise to a cone-like, turret top, and tower above a mound of starry, deeply cut, medium-green leaves.  And those leaves have just enough nap to join the ranks of masterful dew drop catchers.   Lupines take me back to childhood readings of Anne of Green Gables, and remind me of visiting her PEI home.  I have a happy, self-seeding patch of lupines that explode into bloom each year – it is the conditions of my veggie garden they like best, so I am always removing seedlings from amongst the veggies.   Lupines are selective in the conditions where they prosper:  part shade, and average to high fertility soil that's on the sandy side, as they want good drainage.  Note that aphids are also fond of lupines.  Deadheading encourages more blooms, but I leave them to self-seed, so I get fun colour mixes year after year.

Technical stuff – hardy but short lived perennial, part shade, well drained fertile soil, height of about 36” with blooms, and spread of 18”, blooms early to mid summer, and blooms can be pink, purple, yellow, white, red, orange, blue or bi-coloured.

Posted on January 10, 2014 and filed under Perennials.