Winter's Green

What would a Canadian garden be without our beloved evergreens? The contrast of green with snow and ice reminds us that our gardens are alive and patiently waiting for spring.  We depend on their sturdy character to provide winter interest and bones to the garden, and they are delightful fodder for winter photos!  There are a variety of textures:  soft needles of yew, lacy detail of cedar, starburst needles of pine, fragrant knobbiness of juniper, sharp needles of spruce in Christmas tree form, graceful hemlock with mini cones.  Colour can range from deep or soft green, to lime and golden, to blue-grey and more.  I rarely design without including one or multiple groupings of evergreens, depending on the garden size.  And now there are many dwarf varieties available, so even the smallest gardens can take advantage.

Definition review – Deciduous lose their leaves in the winter, evergreens stay green all year long (and can be broad leafed (ie. boxwood) or needled (ie. pine)), coniferous bear cones and are usually evergreen.

Posted on January 8, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.