Win, Win, Win Perennial

Hardy Geraniums are a win, win, win perennial!  They are super easy, happy in most conditions, have attractive foliage and many bloom from late May to late September.  There are a multitude of varieties, so many it’s hard to choose, but bloom colour and form will help you narrow it down.  You can decide from whites, pinks, purples and blues.  Form can be low spreading clumps speckled with cheerful blooms, or taller bushier varieties with upright bundles of perky flowers.  Starry leaves make a pretty green backdrop for delicate blooms.  I am partial to blues with Johnson’s Blue and Rozanne as favourites, and Samobor gives me early blooms in part shade.  Hardy Geraniums are also known as Cranesbill, as the seed pods resemble little bird heads.  They are wonderful mixers with many perennials (perfect to cover browning bulb leaves), spreading to fill in gaps, and meld the tapestry of the garden. 

Technical stuff – hardy perennial, part shade to full sun preferring part sun, lower varieties are about 12” tall spreading to 24”, and taller varieties can reach 36” tall with blooms, with bushy leaves below.  There are also many dwarf varieties now with height of 6”-8”.  They prefer good drainage but are happy in most sites unless it’s very wet.

Posted on January 5, 2014 and filed under Fave perennial, Perennials, Staple perennial.