Ominous And Spectacular

An unusual walk in the forest today - outside of the forest is calm, but inside the forest there is rumbling, cracking turmoil, the forest is exploding.  It is heaving and stretching in the soft warmth of the day to break free from the chains of ice. The frozen trappings fall in dull thumps, thunks and thuds.   Showers of ice leave a super crunch path of ice chunks, cylindrical imprints of twigs and branches.  Veering off the path to dodge impassable branches, creaks the icy crust not far below the mushy snow.  There is an eerie feeling of being surrounded, stalked, but looking over your shoulder reveals only mother nature.  The forest will recover, it will be green and glorious in only a few short months.  Today, however, it provides an ominous and spectacular walk.


Posted on December 29, 2013 and filed under Inspiration.