Bookworm Alert

It is no surprise that I have a beloved, and sort of large, collection of gardening books!  The inspiration and learning I have acquired from my plentiful garden reading has been invaluable.  In honour of this gift giving season, I have chosen five favourites to recommend – three for inspiring beauty, and two for practicality: 

Seasons of My Garden by Marjorie Harris – a wondrous journey through the four seasons of her backyard plant cornucopia, chock full of plant ideas and combos.  Marjorie was my original garden inspiration, she gardens here in Toronto.

The Jewel Box Garden by Thomas Hobbs – like a decadent dessert for the garden soul, luscious plantings and containers, and he has another book, Shocking Beauty that is just as delectable.  Thomas gardens on Vancouver Island, so he does push the plant zones.

Paradise Found by Rebecca Cole – I was sold at the cover photo of lavender in an old sap bucket.  Rebecca gardens in New York City in ‘unlikely places’, and takes container gardening to a whole new level.

Landscape Planning by Judith Adam – my favourite practical book, it covers basic hardscaping and has many helpful ‘best plant’ lists (ie. best shrubs for part shade).

Pruner’s Bible – I self-taught myself on pruning with this book, and still refer to the ‘what to prune when’ chart at least once a year.

I also must mention Sonia Day’s latest book, The Untamed Garden, which just came out in paperback and is my next garden read!


Posted on December 13, 2013 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration.