Vintage Charm

I often attend auctions on the hunt for rusty and rustic garden containers and decoration.  From this I have developed a fascination with old enamel ware.  These vintage pots, pans, or bowls can make functional planters – they are light to handle, can overwinter outdoors, and are easy to puncture drainage holes.  I also use the handled pots as dippers at the rain barrel, and love an old colander as decoration. The smooth surface (like Chiclets gum), is a neutral backdrop to highlight plants, and rust does not take away from the charm.  A rim of red or green, or retro colour, makes the piece an even better find!  And of course bringing anything from an auction into the garden is like adding history, stories untold – it just enhances the magic!

Posted on December 10, 2013 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration.