The Right Tool

I am most fortunate to have a husband that can renovate, repair and build, and thus he appreciates the value of good tools – ‘you need to have the right tool for the job’.  He has gifted me many precious garden tools over the years, and now I also greatly appreciate the value of the right tool!   In case you need an idea for yourself or a gardener on your Christmas list, these are three of my favourite garden tools:  perennial spade, hori hori knife and bulb dibber.  The perennial spade is just short of 2’ in length with a pointed 5” x 5 ½” blade.  It is easy to manage, can dig perfect planting holes for small to mid-size perennials, and wonderfully splits roots.  The hori hori knife is also a multi-tasker - perfect for popping out weeds with roots in tact, and for splitting small but tough perennials.  The bulb dibber is an age-old tool that can’t be beat for planting small bulbs, which I do a lot of!  If you have any trouble finding them, these are all available at Lee Valley.

Posted on December 9, 2013 and filed under Guidance, Favourite Products.