Winter Bouquet

The annuals in my front pots crumpled with frost, and it’s time for winter bouquets.  I like my winter bouquets fairly simple.  The bouquet below includes a classic mix of cedar and spruce boughs, artemisia, russian sage (both make silvery accents with the bonus of great scent), snowballs (Annabelle hydrangea), red dogwood branches and red berries (these from european snowball).  If you don’t have a garden to forage (though you’d be surprised what even a small garden can offer - look for form, interesting seed heads, anything evergreen), local garden centers are full of offerings.  Fresh evergreen boughs can simply stand alone, or have a little boost with berries, dried meadow flowers, sumac, coloured branches….what is your favourite addition?

Posted on November 23, 2013 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration.