Flavour Busters

An arbour-full of grape vines gives me a bushel of grapes each year.  I grow concord grapes, easy to grow in full sun, with wonderful gnarled, twisty vines, ‘memories of Italy’ leaves and those wonderful clinger curlicues.  The grapes themselves are luscious, no better word!  They are purple black with a matte finish, and a sweet sour burst of flavor that closes your eyes and makes you smile.  The hardest part of growing grapes for me is deciding when to harvest – I want them to be as sweet as possible when I pick, but as their purpleness deepens, I am at higher risk of the raccoons stripping the fruit before me.  I have made jelly the last few years, just using the recipe off the Certo box – the scent of cooking grapes is divine!

Posted on October 24, 2013 and filed under Harvest.