Chocolate In The Garden

Many colour descriptors come into play for the foliage of this ‘chocolate’ plant – bronze, green, black, purple, brown, burgundy – and depending on the season, and the slant of the light, they are all correct!  Chocolate boneset is known for its indulgent foliage - the spring foliage has the richest colour that fades to a more simple green moving into bloom season (photos below are September colour).  I also like the burgundy stems that provide even more interest.  It is a great backdrop for other plants through the spring and summer, and then launches its own display of elegant white lacy blooms in late summer through the fall.

Technical stuff:  Eupatorium rugosum ‘chocolate’, is actually related to common Joe Pye Weed, hardy perennial, 3’-4’ tall, full sun to full shade, happy in any soil conditions once established, white blooms late summer through the fall, drought tolerant, easy care.

Posted on October 17, 2013 and filed under Perennials.