Fall Must Have

Along with that thick, comfy sweater and the awesome boots, consider another fall must have - Japanese anemones!  This sweetheart blooms late summer through fall, bringing colour and charm to the quiet fall garden.  Japanese anemones are one of the most fairy like flowers, with simple blooms in shades of pink or white. Most varieties have sunny gold centers to further cheer the soul.  The blooms dance on tall, slender, branched stems that rise from a small bush of deep green leaves.  The leaves are a bit similar in shape to maple leaves.

Technical stuff:  hardy perennial, most varieties are about 3’ tall when blooming (bloom stems are about 3’ tall, but foliage is around 1-1/2’ tall), full sun to part shade but prefers part shade, likes rich moist soil, but will survive in most soil conditions, blooms late summer through the fall.  My fave is the classic ‘September Charm’.


Posted on October 4, 2013 and filed under Perennials.