Miss Daff

Spring after spring, daffodils never fail to delight...buttery golden, ethereal white, blush or just fresh, crisp, bright and cheerful yellow! 

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Stop To Smell The Hycacinth

Brilliant colour, brilliant fragrance...such a giving spring bloomer!

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May Flowers

May flowers are blooming!  As a child, this was a favourite harbinger of spring - we would pick tiny fairy bouquets of the fragile blooms. 

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Spring is so powerful, in a gentle, sweet, fragile way...early bloomers: hellebore, shy pasque in pink, earliest blooming tulip in bud, first daff to bloom, crocus in pearly white, hyacinth fat with promise.

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Moments Later

Finally, finally our 'northern land' is embracing spring sunshine!  And moments later the pasque flower are in bloom.

Read more about pasque flower by clicking here.

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Gorgeous Greens

When frigid wintery white is settled over the garden, look to the memories of the gorgeous greens of hosta to lift you soul!

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Showy Spheres

Globe thistle's bristling balls of purple-blue are all show - only prickly in appearance but not to touch. The showy spheres bloom mid-summer into fall, then grey into winter interest. The wealth of pointed green leaves give rise to upright stalky stems, for back of border height.  These cool blooms are a favourite complement to hotter summer and fall blooming companions.  An easy, drought tolerant perennial!   

Technical stuff – Globe thistle/Echinops, hardy perennial to zone 3, height of 2' - 4' and spread of 1' - 2', full sun, blooms mid-summer into fall, drought tolerant, does come in a white blooming version too.

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Miss Daisy

On this sparkling frosty morn, I am thinking of daisies...

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Pretty As A Pansy

Favourite pansy from last summer - ruffled petals and riotous mix of ochre and persimmon, with a backing of magenta, stripes of deep purple.

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Top Ten For 2015

My top ten fave blooms of 2015....

Posted on December 27, 2015 and filed under Inspiration.

Shades Of Brown

Shades of brown - rich, textured, prickly or glistening - steal the show, especially with no snow!

Posted on December 13, 2015 and filed under Inspiration.

Frosty Morn

Oh the frosty morn!  Beauty to inspire poets, and gardeners.  Crystallized strawberry leaves, sparkling silvery sage, gilded heuchera, velvet lambs ears turned to icy tongues…    

Posted on December 6, 2015 and filed under Inspiration.

Glowing On

Hardy geraniums have already offered bloom from spring ‘til frost, and now their foliage puts on a thrilling show!  Read more about this staple and favourite perennial by clicking here, and clicking here.

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Leaves are swirling, more on the ground then the trees…but autumn glory is still all around!  Barberry and burning bush berries are plumping.  Rosehips are ripening.  Sedum and calendula display glorious bloom despite hard frosts.  Darkened bark, and frost-killed leaves offer sharp contrast.  Some brave and hardy perennials, like sedum angelina, still glow green. 

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Autumn Glory

Soaking up the last of autumn glory before the bigger winds set in…

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Still Blooming

This favourite just keeps on blooming!

Read more about Rudbeckia hirta by clicking here.

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Lime And Rose

Hydrangeas are a highlight of fall.  Soft balls of bloom that fade to lime and rose, cascading over stones, nodding in the breeze, fodder for the bees...waiting to capture the frost and snow.

Posted on October 13, 2015 and filed under Shrubs.

Burnished Blooms

October offers great beauty in the garden.  Bits of brown and rust burnish lavish blooms, giving them richer texture to complement autumn tones.  Leaves and petals soften, getting ready to melt back into the earth.

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Wondrous Windfall

Suddenly there appeared two spires of creamy blooms, shooting up from amongst my lavender and sage.  A bonus foxglove until now hidden in my veggie garden - cupped blossoms with maroon freckles, such a treat in October!  Self-seeding can be a wondrous windfall (literally!).  Read more about foxgloves by clicking here.

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The milkweed pods are just splitting open, filling the air with parachute fluffs carrying their precious seed cargo.  Unripe pods resemble bananas, until they soak up a few more sunny days and catch up to their bursting neighbours.

(Photos taken on the Durham Forest Trails in Uxbridge, ON)

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